Meet @lisaifi and @indy.mood - best friends and kindred spirits exploring their beloved Brussels.

Their shared love for hidden gems, coffee chats, and striking aesthetics is palpable. Evoking a sense of ‘relaxed meets polished' Lisa and Indiana effortlessly navigate their favorite corners of their city together. Witness their stylish, heartwarming friendship as they navigate their city together wearing styles from @object's Pre-Spring 24 collection.


If you could describe your friendship in one or two words, which words would you use?

Matcha & Coffee. Like they say every blondie needs a brunette and the coffee & matcha duo represents perfectly how we are so different, yet really compatible too. You might think at first that we look different but there are a lot of similarities too. The blonde and brunette combo is always a winner!


Have you ever had a moment where you needed to lean on each other for support, and how did it strengthen your bond?

Having a lot of followers on Instagram isn’t always easy but in difficult or uncertain times we realize that we’re true friends that count on each other for support. That’s what truly matters in a friendship.


Do you ever argue or drive each other mad?

That happens from time to time but our friendship is stronger than the little disagreements we have. When you’re close to someone, you’re sometimes unfiltered, but that just means you can be 100% yourself and in the end that’s what true friendship is all about.

How do you challenge each other as friends?

Thanks to our shared passion for fashion and aesthetics, we challenge each other daily on our looks, purchases, styling and collaborations so that we can both grow together as people and as content creators.

What qualities in each other do you admire the most, and how have these qualities strengthened your friendship?

On Instagram people are always quick to judge, so we’re really glad that we can just be ourselves and confide in each other without judging. We’re also very grateful to be able to spend so much time together thanks to our job and shared passion. That way it’s always so much fun and we never get bored of each other.