Motivated by the desire for connection and inspired by the belief that every bond holds potential, ‘Connections’ recognizes that random interactions can be significant. Beyond fashion trends and great style, this Pre-Spring ’24 collection serves as a gentle reminder that authenticity and humility are key - where even a stranger has the potential to leave a lasting impression.


In a world that often feels fast-paced and transient, we find it necessary to take our time, and to slow down. Whether expressed through a simple act of kindness towards a stranger or in a more momentous gesture, we acknowledge that when we allow ourselves to be present and cherish each moment, we also have magical opportunities to nurture the connections that surround us.


This collection delves into the idea that every connection, big or small, contributes to the rich tapestry of our lives. It's a gentle reminder that the simplicity of an authentic interaction, a brief exchange with a passerby, or a random conversation can resonate deeply, leaving a mark on our hearts.


At the heart of 'CONNECTIONS' is our commitment to authenticity. In a blend of videos, stills, and interviews, our Pre-Spring ’24 campaign captures the essence the theme where 3 models, each of whom we have worked with previously at OBJECT, interacted in front of the lens. Despite never having met before, their effortless dynamic was a compelling example of beautiful human connection. 

'CONNECTIONS' mirrors the broader theme of 'Nurture Every Bond' that runs through our brand, accentuating the importance of reaching out… being kind to someone you've never met, or brightening someone's day just by sharing a smile. It embodies the beauty of forging connections, both big and small.


In 'CONNECTIONS', we invite you to witness the beauty of diverse bonds, from seemingly happenstance encounters to intentional and cherished relationships. The key message? Nurture every bond…because you never know how your own presence might leave a lasting impression on someone that needs it.