For Winter '23, OBJECT proudly introduces 'You, Me, Us', a collection inspired by the significance of friendship. We explore the idea that friendship isn't about conformity, but the beauty of individuality, and a raw acceptance of the people we care most about.


At the core of this campaign lies a celebration of the power of genuine connection. Aiofe and Maya, two friends who bridge the gap of miles and inspire the narrative behind our collection, epitomize the true essence of friendship. They effortlessly shift between moments of closeness and quiet reflection, weaving a tale that is both unique and relatable. Their story is just one of many, a testament to the diverse forms that friendships take. There's no one-size-fits-all approach – as long as hearts are connected, the beauty of friendship thrives.


“I think individuality is important in a friendship. Friends might influence each other, but I think it’s always important to remember who you are. Real friends will love you for you.” Says Maya.

"Being a close friend doesn't mean being the same. We don't need to like the same music or movies, or even have common interests. Friendship is about the ability to be yourself around your friends. We don't need to be the same at all – if anything, we need to give each other the space to be different," reflects Aiofe.

In every frame, Aiofe and Maya’s laughter and shared secrets paint a vivid picture of what it means to be a friend. Within their easy dance of friendship, Aiofe and Maya have moments where they mirror each other’s laughter and feel each other’s pain. However, it’s clear that it’s their different perspectives and honesty with each other that makes their friendship stronger.

'You, Me, Us' mirrors the broader theme of 'Connectivity' that runs through our brand, emphasizing the significance of being able to be vulnerable with one another and the importance of being present in each other's lives. In a world that is seemingly more connected than ever, it's the moments of disconnect that remind us of the warmth that friendship can bring. This campaign is a heartfelt tribute to the connections that transcend borders, conventional thinking, and differences.

Friendships thrive when diversity in both style, backgrounds, and personality is not only accepted, but celebrated. Discover a collection that honors you, me, and most importantly, us. Because, in the end, it's not really about fashion at all; it's about the moments we share together and the bonds we create which make us feel that we truly belong.